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Duel in Philly!

Checkout this short video I put together showing the famous Skateboarding contest first place "tiebreaker" between Jesse Whalen and Joe Flemke from the 2011 Philly Freestyle Championships, hosted by A.J. Kohn. You won't want to miss this!

Philly Duel of Jesse and Joe 091011 video link

NEW "BONES BRIGADE: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY" - Stacy Peralta / Documentary!

Perspective by Lynn Cooper, Feb. 11, 2012

Stacy Peralta & the Bones Brigade team, Reunited! (Left to Right - Mike McGill, Alan "Ollie" Gelfand, Tommy Guererro, Rodney Mullen, Stacy Peralta, Steve Caballero, Craig Stecyk and Lance Mountain. Tony Hawk included, but not shown.

Since I started Skateboarding back in 1975, I never realized how much Skateboarding would eventually shape my life. While growing up, I didn't participate in traditional sports much. I had nothing against sports, I just didn't like the way the players were treated. I remember seeing many parents and coaches yelling and coming down on the kids, taking the whole enjoyment out of the game, plus there was a lot of wasted time just waiting to get the ball. I knew these traditional sports weren't for me. Yet, Skateboarding was something that I could do independently, at my own pace. I liked the Surfing type of flow to Skateboarding, being creative and coming up with cool lines and tricks. Instead of coaches yelling at me, I made great friends that encouraged me to enjoy whatever I was doing, which gave me the confidence to push myself to learn and be as creative as I wanted to be. This jump-started my entire career of Skateboarding. In the 1970's and 80's, Skateboarding was evolving so fast and there was so much that was never done before! There were no rules, no limits, everything was new! Also, growing up in the epicenter of Southern California made it an easy choice, as the first skate parks were being built all around me. I wanted to be a part of it!

I became so involved in Skateboarding that if I wasn't actually skating, I was either taking photos, or filming my friends Skateboarding. We were all just ordinary guys, teenagers, hanging out, sharing a common bond that non-skaters may never understand. Years ago, Skateboarding was not the cool thing to do. We were different and often viewed as the outcasts, but we didn't care. We had our boards and we took them to places that they were never designed to go. Think of astronauts, exploring Space for the first time and how they must have felt. Our Space existed of concrete drainage ditches and pipes, loading docks, empty swimming pools, poorly designed skate parks with kinks and cracks, moon craters, sketchy ramps made of Plexiglas, plywood and rusty nails... Yes, our Space was on earth, but our skateboards took us into another world, a world that we created to satisfy our needs! We also had to fight for our Space, just for the right to skateboard! We were unwanted and kicked out of virtually every place we tried skating. I remember seeing the thousands of manicured, well lit baseball and football fields that were mostly just sitting around, rarely being used, while we sought out places to skate, even in the dark, using our Coleman lanterns and automobile headlights. No matter how you look at it, the odds were always against us non-traditionalist skateboarders, however we persevered and never gave up. Over time, the terrain we skated on, the quality of the boards, wheels, bearings and safety gear we depended on, continued to evolve. I think of the countless scrapes, sprains, stitches and staples I endured personally along the way, but you know it was all worth it!

Now, fast forward to current times... Today, we have thousands of amazingly designed skate parks built in almost every major town in America and exploding throughout the free world. I skate and enjoy these absolutely free parks myself, but I often look around and ask myself if these younger skaters really appreciate where they are skating today and what a journey it was to get to this point in Skateboarding history. On the one side, I envy these younger skaters for having these modern proving grounds that help them to pop and flip their boards to great heights, with years of refined equipment designs, safety gear and even foam pits to limit the scrapes and bruises that my era endured, when we were at their age levels... but on another level, I think about all the people that I grew up skating with, all the falls and pain we encountered, or witnessed, as each trick, one by one, evolved right in front of our own eyes. Each ASPO, NSA and CASL contest throughout the 1970's-80's brought forth one evolutionary leap after another: the first Rock-n-Rolls, first Varial's (Eric Grisham), from Handplants (Bobby Valdez) to Sadplants (Neil Blender, Lance Mountain, Dave Church, Lester Kasai...), from vertical Ollie's (Alan Gelfand) to flatland Ollie's & Impossible's (Rodney Mullen), from 540 McTwists (Mike McGill), to 720's and 900's (Tony Hawk), to every variation thereafter, this is the era I was proud to be part of and this is the era that shaped my world view of Skateboarding. If I look around at everything we have to skate today, I am pleased that my generation helped contribute to providing what skaters enjoy today, but what I treasure most are all the moments I experienced and witnessed, within my own Skateboarding Space, as well as the lifelong friends I made along the way. This has been my Life's Journey and for years I continued to document everything that had meaning to me and I am so glad I did.

Rodney Mullen

Mike McGill

In 2000, I created this Skatelegends.com website with the intention to show the world a sampling of the great events and skaters that helped shape the world of Skateboarding. Through the years, I have received numerous requests to provide archival Skateboarding photos, film, or video footage for several prominent Skate videos, TV shows, Video Games, Books, Magazines and many other publications. There have been many requests from people interested in obtaining stock footage and producing some entertaining videos, but I always felt there was "something missing". To me, Skateboarding was not just about the competitions, or who was the best skater, or what city had the best skate parks... Here's why I say this. In my own life, I endured various personal hardships growing up. Skateboarding was the one thing that made me feel good about myself. It gave me confidence. It provided me with freedom, friends and a feeling of brotherhood that has lasted a lifetime! To me, these are key components about Skateboarding that has not really been exposed in a major Skateboarding film, but all that is about to change!...

In January, 2011, we flew to Orlando, Florida to witness and film a 1980's style reunion contest/demo at the Surf Expo, hosted by Quiksilver. Many Skate Legends were there, including Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Andy MacDonald, Kevin Staab, Cara Beth Burnside, Jeff Hedges, Mark Lake, Mike Frasier, Henry Gutierrez and others... After the event, Tony informed me that he and Lance Mountain were talking to Stacy Peralta about creating a new movie, featuring several of the original Powell Peralta Bones Brigade team riders. I had provided Tony with film footage in the past, so he wanted me to talk to Stacy about helping out.

A few weeks later, Stacy called me and shared some of his thoughts about his new movie concept. We reminisced about many of the events we experienced during the 70-80's Skateboarding era especially. I mentioned the first Bone Brigade video showing that Stacy held at Tony Hawk's parents house in 1984. Kevin Harris had invited me to this very first Skateboarding video premiere, which was so small we all fit into Tony's Living room. I expressed to Stacy my thoughts on the importance that his first Bones Brigade Video Show had on the whole world of Skateboarding. We were so fortunate to have grown up and witnessed Skateboarding as it was unfolding during these 80's contests in Southern California. I told Stacy that most of the rest of the world only had Skateboarding magazines to look at. They could see a photo, but could not necessarily relate to what the skater was doing. Now, for the first time, they could buy a Videotape, plop it into their Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) and really see how these tricks were done, plus they had the added bonus of seeing the personalities of the Powell Peralta Bones Brigade team riders on a personal level that they could relate to. The influence was huge! As an example, my friend, Jody Calhoun told me stories about how he and his skate buddies used to dress and emulate the Bones Brigade riders, in his Arizona hometown. They eventually started making their own skate videos. Keep in mind that this was before DVD's existed and most people were just starting to buy VCR's for their homes. Think of the timing! All these events coming to a head at the same time: The arrival of Skate parks being built in California, a new generation of prodigy skateboarders revealing a revolutionary explosion in the progression of tricks, the first fully organized National Skateboard Association (NSA) competitions, further refinement of skateboard, truck, wheel and bearing designs, plus the technical advancement in Video Recording that allowed for the capturing of these Skateboarding images at the right time, as this new world unfolded, plus there was the creative vision of Stacy Peralta and the Powell Peralta production and distribution mechanism allowing all of this to be made available, to be shown in homes for the first time ever! For us Skateboarders, I view this as having conquered our Space. This was "our" first Landing on the Moon! The world as we knew it was changed forever! At the end of our conversation, Stacy told me that he wanted to put me on camera to share some of my perspectives.

The next thing I know, it's Spring, 2011, I am in a warehouse in Burbank, CA sitting on an amazing Hollywood-style skateboard set, getting interviewed by Stacy and his team. There were multiple cameras rolling and I got to have some fun being on the other side of the camera. Stacy provided me with no prepared questions. He wanted everything to be fresh and sincere and the interview went on for well over an hour. As my interview ended, Rodney Mullen showed up for his part. A few of us stood behind the cameras and watched intently as Rodney spoke from the heart with the most amazing story I have ever heard. We all looked at each other in awe, shaking our heads, amazed! We just couldn't believe what we were hearing. I am not going to give anything away. You will just have to see the movie, that's all I can say.

Lynn Cooper, Rodney Mullen and Stacy Peralta during Interview filming on the set, in Burbank, CA, 2011

A couple months later, I finished compiling the various skate footage that Stacy requested. I had to get some work done to get the old VHS tapes converted to the proper Digital format. Some more time went by and then the "big news" came out that Stacy's movie, now entitled "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" was accepted to be debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. This was really big news, as there are always thousands of entries and even though Stacy was featured at Sundance in prior years, for his "Dogtown & Z-Boys" and other movies, it was no guarantee that he would get accepted, but his artistry proved to win the judges over once again!

There were a few different showings planned, however getting tickets was the real challenge. Most of the showings were "Sold Out" right away. Fortunately, I secured tickets for the final Sundance Film Festival showing, in Ogden, Utah. The turnout in the newly remodeled Egyptian Theatre was very good. Stacy introduced the film and I finally got to enjoy my first viewing of "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography". I have to mention that the audience reaction, which consisted of many Sundance Film Festival "non-skaters" was outstanding, proving that this movie will appeal to all audiences. You could hear audience reactions throughout the movie, along with applause for every single Bones Brigade team rider at the end of the film. Also as an added bonus, Stacy surprised everyone when he brought five of the six star Bones Brigade team riders on stage, at the end of the movie: Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Mike McGill and Rodney Mullen. George Powell and others were on stage as well. Tony Hawk was unable to attend due to an obligation in Australia, unfortunately. Stacy mentioned that this was the first time in over 20+ years that this original team was brought back together. Stacy also surprised me by having me stand up in the audience, while he thanked me publicly for contributing to the movie. I certainly didn't expect that, but I really felt honored. This was followed up by a lengthy Q&A session with the audience, which really capped off the event for everyone there.

Bones Brigade Director, Stacy Peralta

The following week, there was another big premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. We were proud to meet up for dinner with Kevin Harris, Sean Mortimer and family before the show. I found it interesting that Kevin and I attended the very first Bones Brigade movie together back in 1984 and now here we were again, so many years later! The Bones Brigade team was treated to a Red Carpet welcome at the Arlington Theatre. All the Media were there covering the event and it was a "Who's Who" of Skateboarders, with the entire Skate Industry participating in the movie celebration. The audience was even more enthusiastic than the Sundance Film Festival showing we attended a week earlier! "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" is now certainly the talk of the town!

Stacy Peralta & team - Q&A Session, on stage at the Santa Barbara Bones Brigade premiere, Feb. 2, 2012. The event was followed up by a VIP Party, on top of the Canary Hotel.

On a personal note, regarding the movie... again, I am not going to give anything away, but let me say that there have been very few times in my life where I really needed something to lift my spirits. Between the time that I started assisting Stacy with this project, to the time I saw this first showing, I had to endure some real hardships in my life. Both my parents suffered severe medical trauma within a few days of each other and then my mom passed away. It's not easy to lose one's family. It's the hardest thing I have ever endured so far. This "Bones Brigade" movie hit home with me, not because it features many of the greatest Skate Legends of all time, not because of the amazing events and Skateboarding feats that are portrayed and honored so well within this film, but rather for the one thing I always felt was missing from Skateboarding movies of the past. This movie is about some teenagers that formed a bond many years ago that became a foundation for their futures that endures today. It's also about an insightful Coach that didn't demoralize young people into feeling worthless, but rather created a sense of family and motivated, mentored and lifted them up to believe in themselves, to respect their skills and talents and eventually change the lives of countless others around the world. Yes, I lost part of my personal family recently, but this film helps me to see the Space around me, the other family and brotherhood that has motivated me for so many years, a bunch of outcasts, all sharing a common bond, brought together by a small wooden board with four wheels!

Keep on Skating! - Lynn Cooper

Christian Hosoi & Son

Flatland Reunion: Lynn Cooper, Kevin Harris, Rodney Mullen and Per Welinder - Santa Barbara premiere, CA

Powell Peralta Skate Legends, enjoying the Red Carpet treatment!

Denver Day of RockSkatelegends Shirt

COLORADO SPRINGS 2011 CONTEST VIDEO FOOTAGE" - by Lynn Cooper Aug. 27, 2011

Posted on Sep. 2, 2011
Congratulations to all the riders that competed in the annual Colorado Springs skatepark bowlriding competition. It was an awesome event that ran late into the night and the skateboarding was nothing but spectacular as the skaters keep pushing skateboarding to higher levels! Also special thanks to Chris Patton, Rob Miller / BC Surf & Sport and the other sponsors, judges and announcers that made this great event possible!

Sponsored Results: 1st Place - JohnO, 2nd Place - Tony, 3rd Place - Otto...

If I get some good feedback, I will also post some of the Masters and Grom divisions as well. Enjoy the video footage! - Lynn Cooper


"A Weekend visit with Per Welinder, Pierre Andre’ and Rodney Mullen" - by Lynn Cooper, Feb.19-21, 2011

Written on Feb.23, 2011
It’s interesting how things change as we journey through life. Recently, I had the chance to meet up with some old friends and I thought you all may find this article interesting.

I have known Per, Pierre and Rodney for many years now and I am very proud of all their achievements. I skated with them many times during my lifetime and I was fortunate to have witnessed and competed in many of the Pro/Am Freestyle competitions from 1981-1990. During this era, these guys were a few of the world’s best skateboarders having won, or placed in more competitions than many others ever have. But let’s face it, these guys moved on. Everyone did. They had to. Street Skating took off like a rocket! The vertical and freestyle “competitive” scene faded away almost overnight, since Street Skating became so popular. Toward the end of this era, Sonja Catalano, who ran the CASL organization, tried to keep Freestyle contests going “for us skaters”, until she finally conceded and we competed in the final PSL Series contests, which ended in 1990. I remember these days fondly. Professional Freestyle competitions in the USA ended and remained that way through the 1990’s, until Bill Robertson organized a reunion contest in San Francisco, in 2000 and it’s been slowly growing again ever since. Thanks to efforts from WFSA/Bob Staton (RIP), the Canadian’s, Brazilian’s, Japanese, AJ Kohn and others, during the last few years, we have seen an awesome “Renaissance” in competitive Freestyle, or Flatland skateboarding and it will just continue growing. I have no doubt and I am excited about this! …but, let’s keep in mind that Freestyle was never “big” in the Skateboarding world and it doesn’t have to be, so we should be celebrating all our advancements, whether they are big or small.

So what happened to these “Heroes of the past” and why is this important. It’s important to me to talk about this, because many people assume things, without seeing the bigger picture of life itself.

#1 - Let’s start with the statement that we are all “Skateboarders”. I went from riding the streets, ditches and banks to skating the earliest skate parks built in California. I rode pools for years, rode full pipes, backyard ramps, slalom, downhill, high jump, Sadlands and yes, I even skated “freestyle”. Today, I still enjoy all these different forms of “Skateboarding”, but I still skate Freestyle also, because it remains fun and still fascinates me and I feel really proud that I can still do it well, after all these years. Am I a Freestyler, or Flatland skateboarder? No, I am just a “Skateboarder” and I evolved my skating into many different areas through the years.

#2 – Let’s talk about Skateboarding itself. We all started skating for various reasons. When I felt that I was skating well, I started competing in 1981 and it lasted for many years. At the time, that was important to me. Today, not so much. I’d rather just get together and skate with friends, or do demos… I still enjoy contests, but I don’t feel that “drive” to try and beat out the other competitors. Does that make competitions any less important? No, I think not. Everyone should be allowed to showcase their talent in contests, if that’s what’s important to them, but at my stage in life, it’s not my priority like it used to be, but I understand it is certainly important to other skaters and I fully support this. As you see, my priorities in life changed over time, yet because I enjoy skateboarding so much, I still skate and plan to continue doing so as long as I can.

Now, let’s go back to Per, Pierre and Rodney! When competitive Freestyle ended, the magazines and industry continued promoting Street Skating to no end. For Freestyle skaters, there was no more industry support, no more magazine coverage, no more competitions. Rodney was the most successful at making this transition with his skating and he clearly helped lead the way. Rodney, Per and Pierre, plus others like Kevin Harris and Reggie Barnes also adapted to this transition by focusing their energies around building their own companies: World Industries, Etnies, Blitz Distribution, Ultimate Skateboards and Eastern Skate Supply started from the ground up and they became leaders in the Skateboarding industry. Think about it… these few Pro skaters of the past, helped to grow the Skateboard industry to enormous levels and still do so today. Many of people thought of these guys as “Pro Freestyle” skateboarders, but keep in mind that Per was also a Street skater, Pierre was a champion Slalom racer and Rodney was, well… Rodney! So, over time, these guys evolved from Skateboarders, to Business owners, to family men… and trust me, if they are running these big companies, it would be amazing to me, if they ever find any “free time” to skate anymore. I know that Rodney makes the time, but that’s because skating is still so important to him. I was really fortunate last weekend to convince Per and Pierre to take some “time out” and go skate for a while. My goal was simply to renew friendships and remind them of the fun side of life, called “Skateboarding!” I plan to post some video clips soon.

In case you are wondering what these guys are up to today:
Regarding Pierre Andre’: I asked Pierre a few years ago, if he ever thought of retiring early from his Sole Technologies company. He told me that he had no intention of doing this. At the time, he had over 300+ employees, he expressed that he needed to continue growing all the Sole Technology brands, not for himself so much, but for his employees. His employees depended on him and his company to sustain their lives, their families… He was not thinking about himself, as you can clearly see. Last weekend, he informed me that he recently produced a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, called “The 11th Hour”, to help raise more world awareness around Global environmental issues that are devastating our planet. He also worked with celebrities to raise money for Katrina Disaster victims in New Orlean’s… Now he is also working with the Government of Costa Rica on a huge project to plant trees and re-forest huge areas of Rain Forests that have been wiped out in Costa Rica. Pierre even drives a Prius to help the environment! He is highly environmental focused. He has even been changing everything at his company to become as “green” and carbon footprint neutral as possible! I think his focus and contributions are admirable. What good is Skateboarding, if we won’t have a planet in the future to skate upon?

Regarding Per Welinder: Per distributes five major brands of skateboards to most of the skate shops, all over the world via his Blitz Distribution Company. He has been doing this on his own terms now, since Tony Hawk moved on to his other ventures. We all know that the Economy has taken a huge hit. I can only imagine the challenges Per must face to keep his company moving forward. Think about the thousands of skateboarding products that must be ordered and distributed to generate profits to support all his employees. It takes a lot of dedication and time on his part to support the company, not to mention his family. Think about how much he supports “Skateboarding” by providing the thousands of boards, trucks and wheels that get shipped around the world every week!

Regarding Rodney Mullen: Most people think of Rodney as the greatest competitive skateboarder of all time and no doubt he was! After his competitive era though, he continued to advance his personal skateboarding skills to absolutely incredible levels, which are constantly being challenged by the world’s skaters today. I have always believed that Rodney has a gift much like Beethoven did. Beethoven wrote some of his best symphony’s AFTER he went deaf. He cut the legs off his piano and laid it on the floor, so he could feel the vibrations to write his music. Rodney continues to think and live “Skateboarding”! I think he transcends far beyond, by constantly analyzing every aspect of what he can possibly make his skateboard do, to the point of completely re-engineering his skateboard if need be, to achieve his dreams. He needs to be given his space to continue evolving his own music through his skateboarding. He told me that he has been re-learning all his tricks again, but reversing his stance. He is working on a new “Almost” team movie part and I am sure he will soon surprise the world yet again! If any of you have ever seen Rodney skate in person, you understand what I mean. I strongly believe that Rodney’s most famous Symphony is yet to be written!

There is also something else very exciting I wish to share with you all, but I need to save this for another time! I think it’s time for you all to stop reading this and go SKATE!!!!

Thanks for reading! - Lynn Cooper

Additional Comments:

2/23 - From Dan Garb: Onto the Rodney part, He was more then just a freestyler or skateboarder I think. He was more of a creator in my opinion. He thinks of new ways to flip and spin his board in the most craziest stances. He showed the skateboarding world that "anything is possible if you try." That's what makes Rodney so unique, he never gives up until he proves its possible to do. That's what I like the most about him and wont to be like that in my figure of skateboarding. Showing others the creative side in skateboarding, showing the true colors.

NEW 2010 Freestyle/Flatland Skate Video segment - from Skatelegends, Reverse Freestyle teamrider - Lynn Cooper

Video Link - "A Day in Denver with Lynn Cooper"

Venice Beach Jam - 2010

On October 16, 2010 , Skatelegends/ Reverse Freestyle Pro teamrider Lynn Cooper competed in the Flatland/Freestyle PRO-AM contest in Venice, California. Lynn ended up earning 1st Place in the Freestyle event and then also captured 1st place in the "Best Trick" contest, by pulling off a combo-trick consisting of a 2 1/4 fingerflip to railstand to a Double-180 Cooperflip with a perfect landing. Lynn was excited to get two 1st places in a single day. After the event, Reverse Freestyle hosted a "History of Freestyle/Flatland Skateboarding" video and Pizza party. Most of the Venice competitors attended and received a good dose of history and stories from Lynn's personal archives. We all had a great time watching many of the SkateLegends from the past!

Denver Day of Rock - Skatelegends Demo team! DDOR Photos by Alex Cisneros

Denver Day of RockSkatelegends Shirt

Skatelegends BIG SHOW at the Denver Day of Rock!

On May 29th, Skatelegends team members participated in a huge annual Children's organization fundraiser called "The Denver Day of Rock!" The event showcased three live Skatelegends team demos, as well as several big name bands, including The Fixx, Fishbone, Five for Fighting, The Romantics... and many others! I was told that over 200,000 spectators attended the all day/night event and it was an awesome success!

SkatelegendsDenver Day of Rock

I wish to thank all our "volunteer" teamriders, including Ryan Green (Announcer / Skater), the Cisneros family skaters (Dan, Paul and Steve), Joel Peterson, Phil Hansen, Christian Delatorre and special Mob skateboard riders: Cameron and Logan! Yes, I skated too! Everyone skated great and spectator response was excellent, as we had great attendance at all three of our shows!

Cooper Productions filmed the shows in HD and we will be posting a sample video very soon on this website. Also, Alex Cisneros took a lot of photos of every show which we will also provide soon. Thank you Alex!

I also wish to send out a "special thanks" especially to the Loveland crew that came out early to get good seats for our shows. They never left and attended all three shows! Thank you so much for all your support! It mean't a lot! We received great feedback from the Organizers of the event and they have already asked us to perform again next year! We hope to see you all again soon!

If you are interested in hosting your own events (big or small), Skatelegends will be happy to bring our portable skatepark and demo team to your town! We also provide ongoing skateboard lessons, so keep this in mind! We can be reached at 720.851.8251.

Thank you Denver! - Lynn Cooper

"Grindmaster" Dan Cisneros, Clement Skatepark, Littleton, CO

Jan. 6, 2010 - Excellent News! We now have "Z-Flex" products back in stock! Due to the high demand for Z-Flex skateboards, Z-Flex is manufacturing once again! The famous Jay Adams Designs 29" decks and completes are now available and we will be adding them to our Online SkateShop Shopping Cart shortly. In the meantime, just call us at 720.851.8251 to place an order. We have white, black, blue and the new tie-dye colors in stock now! In addition, we also have Brad Dorfman's classic 80's re-released Vision decks, which include several famous deck models: Mark Gonzales, Gator, Psycho Stick, Marty "Jinx" Jimenez, Joe Lopes BBQ and the famous Alva decks (tri-logo, or single logo decks with the classic Alva die-cut griptape to match and others! Just give us a call and we can email you photos of any or our decks and ship right away! Also, keeping in line with our charter to continue promoting Skateboard History, we are also now offering Skateboarding books, such as: Jay Adams, Warren Bolster, as well as the new Skateboarder Journal by Jack Smith!

Z-Flex, Vision, Alva - Classic Skateboards!

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE! A NEW DESIGN in Skateboard wheels! Introducing the new Reverse Freestyle hybrid Street and Flatland / Freestyle wheels! These wheels are fast and have also been designed so that the axle nut is slightly recessed into the wheel, therefore the axle does not hit the ground when performing railstand tricks on the side of the board. This wheel is perfect for Street skating, while also providing stability for all sorts of Railflip / Primo combinations! The wheels are black with the Reverse logos printed on both sides of the wheels. 55mm / 101A Hardness! Call us at 720.851.8251 for ordering details, or order them from our online Skateshop! These wheels were designed by Professional Skateboarders Lynn Cooper and Lillis Akesson.

Check out some great Bands we've been filming! Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Skatelegends Team - Parker Skatepark video link

Additional Skateboard Demo & Skate Clinic details:

In the last several years, Skatelegends held numerous Skatecamps and demos throughout Colorado and other states and several of our team members also worked with the Woodward Skatecamps in California as well. We performed many demos and motivational talks and expanded our Demo capabilities further by building several portable skateboarding ramps and our portable street course. We even purchased a large 20+ feet long enclosed trailer and a Ford F250, which has allowed us to take our shows on the road to numerous demo sites. All we need is a decent flat area and we are set! We also supported local skateshops, competed in a ton of contests and held some of our own contests and BBQ sessions once again! We are really looking forward to 2010, as we continue our growth and promotion of Skateboarding and the important History around it! Now that we have our mobile Skatepark for lessons and demos, why not contact us to get on our 2010 schedule! Call 720.851.8251 to book your event soon!

"Breaking the Glass Ceiling", Steve & Paul Cisneros, Woodward Skatepark, CO

Official PayPal Seal

"Style-Lynn" Lynn Cooper, Chino Skatepark, Chino, CA, Photo by: Terry Jackson

Skatelegends Owner / Pro Skater Lynn Cooper video link

Skatelegends Teamrider / Dan Cisneros Amazing Handstand video link

Skatelegends Owner / Pro Skater Lynn Cooper - Casper Classic World Championships 2004, Pasadena, CA Contest video link (flimed and provided by Skater/Dan Trujillo

Skatelegends & Mogo Teamrider / Dan Cisneros video link

Woodward Skatepark, Colorado / Skatelegends teamriders video link

Conspiracy FUNfest video link


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Lynn Cooper and our other Skatelegends teamriders can be found competing, as well as participating in many events all around Colorado and other states. As an example: Lynn was featured on Colorado News channel KOAA 5/30 promoting a Supermoto event and was also featured for a week on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) on nationwide television! In addition, Lynn also performed skate demos for over 10,000 people at the Freestyle Motocross (FMX) event held in Spokane, Washington! The team has provided numerous demos and shows for schools, churches, mall openings, Conventions, "Grind for Life" fundraisers, Youth events and even Youth Correctional facilities, just to name a few! See some comments below!...


Community Involvement feedback - Ridgeview Academy Exhibition

The Skatelegends team also donated a Skateboarding performance and provided motivational guidance to the Ridge View Academy (RVA). Here's an excerpt from a letter written by F. Jerald Adamek, Community and Government Relations: "Our initial relationship was to arrange a Skate Boarding Exhibition for student-athletes at RVA, a 500-bed residential school for high-risk delinquents (ages 14-20). Youth are ultimately placed with this program after being committed by Juvenile Courts from Colorado. Staff supervision and programming are designed to assure the active involvement and participation by the young men with no security fences. The program is operated for the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections by Rite of Passage, Inc., a private company.

The exhibition was held on the RVA campus on May 28, 2006. To say it was a successful event is a major understatement. A group of nearly 50 RVA student-athletes witnessed an outstanding performance of very courageous and proficient skate-boarders led by Mr. Cooper, who belies his age with remarkable balance and flexibility. Mr. Cooper's first achievement was to demonstrate that you can be an accomplished skateboarder as an adult....

Mr. Cooper very effectively communicated the importance of setting personal goals, working hard, and persevering even when the odds seemed to be against you. He also stressed the importance of higher education and the role it has played in allowing him to pursue his passion of skateboarding. Maintaining a job in a professional industry has also allowed him the income to pursue his dreams. While the message was framed around skateboarding, it was applicable to any situation that our young men will encounter. The performance may have been primarily entertainment, but it was a lesson in life too... Mr. Cooper and his Skate Team are welcome to return to RVA any time. We would recommend this program without any reservation... Mr. Cooper is an outstanding performer, but more importantly, he is an outstanding role model for our youth." - F. Jerald Adamek


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10,000 Days - by Lynn Cooper

DAY 10

As I lay upon the ground, blood dripping from my knee, I glanced back at my small wooden Black Night skateboard.  I could see where my board had stopped once again, dead in its tracks, from another small pebble that had lodged between one of the clay wheels and the sidewalk I had been skateboarding on.  As I proceeded to pick myself up, I could see several little ball bearings, glistening in the California sun.  The bearings had dislodged from one of my wheels once again.  It was important to find them all, so I could re-assemble the wheel on my skateboard, otherwise my day of skateboarding would be over, until I could obtain the proper number of ball bearings again.  As I searched through the dirt at the edge of the sidewalk, my bloody knee continued to drip, but I didn’t care.  I had to find that last bearing!  I remember smiling as I pulled the last bearing out of the dirt.  This was my life around 1975 and it was just the beginning of the best days of my life!

Lynn Cooper

DAY 100

I can remember how excited we were, when my brothers and I heard that there was a Skateboard movie playing at our local Brookhurst Center movie theatre, in Anaheim, California.  The movie was called “Freewheelin” and starred a youthful Stacy Peralta.  I remember scenes of skateboarders riding up and down the walls of an endless concrete full pipe, as well as flatland tricks that we had never imagined were possible.  After the show, a skateboard team was on hand, putting on a show in the parking lot.  They were spinning 360’s, performing handstands, spacewalks, kick flip variations...  Everyone was going crazy!  We had never seen anything like it.  We had no idea that skateboarding could be taken to such levels.

They held a raffle at the theatre and my next door neighbor won the Grand Prize, a fiberglass Hobie skateboard with polyurethane “plastic” wheels!  We raced back home and took turns riding down the street.  Yes, we could actually skate in the street, carving sharp turns with the new plastic wheels.  The feet numbing vibrations we experienced from our older “clay” wheels were virtually eliminated!   We took turns attempting the tricks we saw the Pros perform at the demo.  We nailed a 4x8 sheet of plywood to an old sawhorse and learned our first kick turns on our makeshift skateboard ramp.  Our skateboarding skills had reached a new level!

DAY 300

At long last, I was successful in selling the required number of subscriptions for the Orange County Register newspaper to earn my first Fiberglass skateboard with the new “Cadillac” urethane wheels.  It was so cool to be able to see the newly designed precision bearings through the clear urethane wheels.  The new bearings and wheels rode so smooth, as they propelled me to new heights on our newly built, six foot high skateboard ramp.   My days of searching in the dirt for little ball bearings were behind me now.  The precision bearings had changed my life forever!  Higher and higher I skated, as my confidence continued to grow!  Then it happened, my first backside grind!

As I laid upon the ground, blood dripping from the rip in the knee of my jeans, caused by the nail that had dislodged from our masterfully crafted ramp, I glanced up to see my dad who had returned home from work early.  We had already been warned several times to stop skating that ramp.   My brothers and I were busted once again.  We received our sentence.  Skateboard restriction, the worst kind of punishment!   My bloody knee continued to drip.  I couldn’t feel a thing.

The next day my dad went to work as usual.  What can I say?  The ramp called us!

DAY 1000

I had just entered High School and skateboarding was in full swing.  The 70’s concrete Skate park era had just taken off!  “The Concrete Wave”, “Skatopia”, “Fountain Valley” and other skateboard parks were popping up all over Orange County.   I remember many times, waiting in long lines for hours, just to have the opportunity to session the Concrete Wave skate park.  The Concrete Wave had this awesome tight snake run that emptied out into a bowl, as well as a high bank that we dubbed “The Wave”.  Skatopia had a super long half pipe with virtually no flat bottom.  There was a lip on one side that butted against a brick wall.  The big trick was to see how many bricks high you could skate and if you could avoid hanging up on the lip on the way back down into the half pipe.  I remember watching in amazement, as local ripper; Ray Bones Rodriguez pulled Front side Airs out of the half pipe on his Aluminum Quicksilver board.  Fountain Valley skate park featured several concrete runs, as well as a narrow clear Plexiglas half pipe.  It was basically a big “U”-shaped ramp.  The California drought also provided us with backyard pools, such as “The Sign-in Bowl”, “The Fruit bowl”, “Swan Pools”, “The California Bowl”, as well as ditches, like Santa Ana’s “Flower Street ditch”, Anaheim’s “Salk School ditch” and Fullerton’s “Euclid V” just to name a few.  Other skate parks continued to pop up all over Southern California. 

We were out of control, getting busted climbing backyard fences at night with Coleman lanterns, emptying pools with trashcan after trashcan of stagnant water, just to skate everything we could.  I guess you could say, we were living the California dream!   It was paradise!  We were living in the right place at the right time. 

DAY 1400

Then there was Brookhurst Community park, also known as Moon park and eventually dubbed SADLANDS.  Sadlands, aptly named by Skate Legend - Neil Blender was probably one of the craziest skate spots.  In the early days of Sadlands, your wheels would turn black from skating over the olives that would fall from the tree, in the center of this moon crater.  The park wasn’t actually designed for skating, but no one could resist skating the sides of the crater.  Eventually the olive tree was replaced by some small palm trees.  The City of Anaheim tried to stop all the skateboarding, by adding some huge rocks inside the crater.  The rocks hung over the sides of the crater, with the intent to stop the skaters.   As skaters always do, we adapted to the rocks and used them to launch tricks off of.  Without knowing it, the City officials actually enhanced the skating experience for us.  Most of the 80’s Pro skaters rode Sadlands at one point, or another. 

After a decade of skating Sadlands, the city finally dug a trench around the crater and then covered the entire crater with this rocky concrete mixture.  It was awful, they ruined the crater.  Today, the buried crater still stands as a memorial of an era of skating that once was.  Amazingly, last year the City of Anaheim built a new skate park, just a couple hundred yards away from the crater.  What goes around, comes around!  I could write a whole chapter on Sadlands.

DAY 2500

In 1981, my friends and I entered our first skateboarding contest, at the Marina Del Rey skate park.  The 1981 series of California contests were put on by the Association of Skate park Owners, aka the (ASPO) series.  Several of the skate park owners banned together and several contests were held at several Southern California skate parks.  Back in 1981, skateboarding was really an underground sport, there was no real media extravaganza that you see today, just a few photographers capturing images for the small skate magazines.  I remember watching some of the top Amateurs in the Pool event, Chris Miller, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi and others flew effortlessly around the park.  We found these two small Plexiglas quarter pipes and we put them back-to-back and practiced tail taps over the top.  This may have been the first spine ramp ever built. 

One of the goals of the series was for skaters to try and become “overall” state champions.  The contests focused not only on pool/bowl riding, but also on other events, such as banked slalom, tight slalom, freestyle…  Basically, if you wanted to try and attain overall status, you needed to become proficient in all aspects of skateboarding, not just one area.  This was a real challenge for most skaters.  I remember they told me that I needed to learn Freestyle, if I wanted to be competitive in the series.  I didn’t know much about Freestyle, other than a few demos I had seen up to that point.  I remember taking a jigsaw and cutting down my old Eddie Elguera pool board to make my first Freestyle board.  I practiced hard and entered the 1A division at the 1981 Magic Mountain ASPO contest.  I actually took 1st place in both the Freestyle and Slalom contests there.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was a Pool skater, how could I win a Freestyle event?  I didn’t argue.  I grabbed my plaque awards and headed to the parking lot with John Lucero, only to find my truck was stolen.  Luckily, the Police found it at the other end of the parking lot, although it was bashed in and stripped of all my stereo equipment and cassette tapes.  I was still thrilled about the contest though.

One more thing, there was this kid I saw at the Magic Mountain contest that entered the 3A Sponsored division.  He entered the Freestyle contest and just tore it up.  Absolutely incredible!  Later, I saw him win another Freestyle contest in 1982, at Skate City.  This time I was ready.  I brought my 8mm film camera and captured both of his runs.  The talent this kid had was unreel.  No one knew what to think of the guy.  He had lightning fast footwork and showed off some of the most technical flatland moves we had ever seen.  He won both events, hands down.  These were the first images I ever captured of Rodney Mullen.

DAY 3000 – the 80’s

Skate parks continued to be built and the contest series just exploded!  The ASPO Series became defunct and was quickly replaced by the California Amateur Skateboard League (CASL) series, which has been promoted and led by Sonja Catalano for over 20 years now!  Also, Frank Hawk and other industry leaders formed the National Skateboard Association (NSA) series.   In the 80’s, contests were being held everywhere!  Again, we had to focus on all aspects of skateboarding, so we had to be proficient at Pool/Bowl riding, Ramp riding, Freestyle, Slalom, High Jump and Downhill skating.  We had to skate everything, in order to become California, and/or National overall CASL, or NSA series champions. 

My friends and I practiced hard, we were really competitive, but always ensured that skateboarding remained fun.  Many of them grew up to be some of the top Pros and Skate Legends that you know today.  You can see many of them featured on the  www.skatelegends.com website. 

Personally, I really enjoyed all aspects of skating in the 80’s and I continue to do so today.  I found that I was able to take what I learned from one discipline and apply it to the others.  My skating improved dramatically in all areas.  We were skating so much. One day I’d be skating at Lester Kasai’s half pipe, or Skate City, Big-O, Upland, Del Mar, Colton,  wherever.  The next day, I’d hang out and skate Freestyle down at the Huntington Beach pier, or Belmont Pool.  It was all about skateboarding!  I had some friends that just wanted to skate pools, bowls, ramps… and another set of friends that were really focused on Flatland skateboarding.  Most groups were really focused on one discipline, or the other.  Other than the skaters trying to win the overall series, there weren’t a lot of skaters trying to do it all.  Even within the Freestyle groups, there were some skaters focused on landing real technical tricks, while others focused on handstands, or other strength tricks, spins, style… 

DAY 4000

The second half of the 80’s became a time of transition for most of the competitive skaters.  As the years moved forward, it became increasingly more difficult for skaters to maintain their competitive edge.  Skateboarding was growing in popularity and gaining momentum.  There were so many great skaters rising up from all over the world.  Many of the world’s best skaters moved to California, to be as close as possible to the skate scene.  By the late 80’s, most skaters had to limit themselves to certain forms of skateboarding.  To remain competitive, skaters tended to focus entirely on a single discipline and apply all their energies to mastering their favorite form of skateboarding.   Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk had positioned themselves as the “masters” of their disciplines.  Now, two decades later, both Rodney and Tony still skate and many argue that they are still the greatest skaters of all time.  Right, or wrong, you can’t argue their accomplishments. 

The 80’s churned out hundreds of great skaters!  While some made bank, others were left in the dust.  Some of the Pro’s partied their earnings away, while some took the risk of investing their earnings back into the skate industry, thus propelling skateboarding products and the industry to new levels.  One interesting note is the fact that several of the Pro Freestyle skaters started and/or managed, companies that are considered leaders in the industry today.  World Industries, Sole Technologies (Etnies/ES/Emerica), Ultimate Skateboards, Eastern Skate Supply, Dwindle Distribution, Blitz Distribution… are a few that come to mind. 

Day 10,000

I was fortunate to have skated, filmed and photographed most of the 80’s/90’s contest series and many other memorable events.  I never realized that “home movie” footage of old friends would one day be viewed as Skateboarding history.  A lot of skaters have been contacting me for vintage contest footage, for several years now, so I decided to compile some highlights and I released my “Wheelin’ in the Years – Part 1” movie a while ago.  Later, I built the www.Skatelegends.com website, so I could share some of the moments I’ve experienced through skateboarding and promote skate history the best way I can. 


As I laid my right arm upon the X-Ray machine, both elbow and wrist swollen from the slam I encountered yesterday at the Clement Skate park, I couldn’t help but think about the last 28 years that I have been skating, the amazing friends I’ve made along the way and the moments that will forever be etched into my mind.  Decisions enter my mind:  Should I teach another skate workshop this weekend, or enter the Breckenridge Slalom championships?  Suddenly, the X-Ray technician asks me if I can give him two autographs for his kids.  Luckily, I am left handed. 

How did I get here?


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Cooper Productions LLC continues to film and photograph many more Bands in awesome High Definition! Here's some excellent Bands to checkout! If you are interested in hiring us to film your Band, or would like to contact any of these sample Bands, please call us at 720.851.8251. Enjoy the following Video samples now!

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Wish We Were Floyd! - Live from The Boulder Theatre, Colorado! November 21, 2009, Pink Floyd Tribute song "The Great Gig In The Sky" Singer: Kate Shoup - sample video link

Under a Blood Red Sky Band! - Live from The Hyatt hotel, from the Denver Tech Center, Colorado! Oct. 31, 2009 Halloween Bash, U2 Tribute song "Where the Streets Have No Name" - sample video link

Cashed Out Band! - Live from The Belly Up, in Aspen, Colorado! Oct. 17, 2009 Johnny Cash Tribute song "Jackson" - sample video link

Cashed Out Band! - Live from The Belly Up, in Aspen, Colorado! Oct. 17, 2009 Johnny Cash Tribute song "Hey Porter" - sample video link

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Celebration! - Live from Red Rocks! Aug. 17, 2009 Crosby, Stills, Nash song "Suite:Judy Blue Eyes", as performed by Jock Bartley, Chris Daniels & Band - sample video link

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Wish We Were Floyd sample video link (Red Rocks Amphitheatre)

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